Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm – REVIEW


I’m going to start off with what this product claims it does…

The Beauty balm with an edge. This all in one formula: Hydrates instantly and overtime. Primes for beautiful make up that lasts. Protects with SPF 20 and contains Pepha – Protect to help inhibit DNA damage. Perfects to instantly even out skin tone and minimise pores, lines, wrinkles and redness. Treats with Vitasource and dGlyage to firm skin, improve elasticity, and provide measurable anti-ageing benefits.

Well… for what I would class as a primer it claims to do a lot. The colour of this product is a brown colour, similar to the colour of a darker shade foundation. This initially scared me, but it is a universal shade that glides on and dries down to a translucent finish that claims to work on most skin tones.

To me, this basically means it’s to hydrate and prime the skin ready for foundation/make up routine.

When you first apply this primer you expect it to be rather runny but it glides on as more of a gel like formula which has a peppermint type scent. apparently it’s supposed to smell of some form of herbal tea, but to me, it’s basically a minty smell. This took a while to get used to but I actually like it now that I’ve got used to it. So I’m loving the smell, love the way it glides on and love the effect it has.

It also claims to blur imperfections, however I don’t feel as though this is the case, but maybe my acne is TOO bad for a noticeable effect. However, this does not worry me as I wear it underneath my foundation so I don’t rely on this product for any form of coverage. 

I’ve only ever tried this product with the Urban Decay Foundation so unfortunately I can’t comment on how it works with other foundations. However, I have used it with a variety of moisturisers and it’s worked well with all of them!

A main bonus for me with this primer is that I have oily/combination skin and this primer helps regulate the oils in my skin, or better yet..it doesn’t enhance my oily-ness. So not only is it hydrating my skin but it is keeping my oils under control, so all you dry/combination/oily skinned girls should all get on with this primer. F.Y.I its very rare I will agree that a primer suits every one and so anyone looking into buying this I would recommend it, especially if you love and rely on your primers like I do!


  • This one colour suits all
  • Consistency is smooth and nourishing
  • Regulates oils and hydrates – perfect for all skin types
  • Primes skin perfectly ready for foundation


  • Can be considered as pricey for a primer
  • Helps blur imperfections – this is only for minor imperfections. With major acne like my own it doesn’t make any massive improvements

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