So I’m a blogger in my 20’s talking about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. I’m not going to lie my trail of thought may wander a few days and be completely unrelated to the above topics but why not shake things up a bit every once in a while eh!

I’m going to be talking about anything and everything in this journey, including, my favourites, thoughts, purchases, the list is endless.

What inspired me to make this blog?

Other than the fact that I enjoy writing and especially writing about the things that I love, or don’t love, I’m here to share my opinion. Ive noticed that there are some high end products (and low end) out there that don’t get much attention and therefore finding a review on them can be significantly difficult, I want you guys to tell me what you want to hear about, what you want my opinion on or just to share with me your experiences too! That way any of you who struggle like I do, have the opportunity to hear about specific things!