My MAC Lipstick virginity is broken!

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Hello everyone, I have an announcement for all of you that I’m proud to say – “my MAC Lipstick virginity has been broken”!

So I’ve never been a massive lipstick lover, and I’m pretty sure I’ve owned no more than 5 lipsticks in my lifetime! Well last year I started to delve into lipsticks, and by delve I mean I bought ONE lipstick! Seemingly, I fell in love and have bought the odd lipstick here and there to add to my collection for different seasons/occasions…

And then it happened…I was in Covent Garden in London a week ago and I went passed a MAC shop, I’d never been in an actual MAC shop before, had no intention of buying anything but wanted to have a browse. My make up collection that I have from MAC is very small and I had no intention of making my collection any bigger. That was until I saw all of the lipsticks lined up so beautifully, every colour you could think of! I saw a few that I liked, but one distinctively stood out as it matched my nails and it was a colour I loved for this time of year!

This colour was ‘CAPTIVE’ and it was part of the ‘Satin’ collection of the lipsticks. I tried it on with my finger to make sure it would suit me, and loved it. Now I’ve heard loads of people in the past saying “whats the point in buying a lipstick for £15 odd when I can buy the exact same colour for way cheaper from another brand”. Well to all of you that think that, which I can understand why you do because I once thought that too, it’s the quality of the lipstick you’re paying for. This lipstick does not budge from my lips, it doesn’t transfer onto glassed when I have a drink, it keeps it’s colour, doesn’t go patchy, it’s immaculate. And the packaging is b-e-a-utiful! Needless to say, I will definitely be buying another MAC lipstick the next time I want a different colour for whatever reason.

What are your favourite MAC lipstick colours? What are your thoughts? xx

P.S. Ignore the bad nail varnish in the photo, it was due to come off as it had chipped a lot.

MAC – Fix+ and Pro Longwear Foundation – REVIEW


Like with my previous post I am going to be doing a  2 in 1 review on MAC’s Fix+ and Pro Longwear foundation. Again, the reason for the 2 in 1 review is the fact that I have only ever used these products together, therefore I feel as though the best way I can review truthfully is to review them in this one post.

So we’ll start with the base of the 2 products – MAC Prep & Prime Fix+

A soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finishes make up.

I have to say the first thing I noticed/read on the packaging with this product that I LOVE is that you have the option of being able to use it before OR after you’ve applied your make up. For me, I use this before applying my make up. The reason for this is I feel as though it is a little bit too wet for me to apply after make up and with me having oily skin as it is I didn’t want an over-duey look!

I feel as though that using this before applying my foundation is priming my skin and does actually give me the perfect glow that I want from my finished make up look. I wouldn’t use this as my one and only primer though, to me this mainly improves the finished look of my foundation so I would not recommend this product if you were to use it primarily as a primer. Hence the name ‘Fix +’


2nd part to this review being the Pro-longwear foundation:

A creamy foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition.

I am surprisingly impressed with this foundation as I had heard such a mixture of reviews about it myself. I was previously wearing the Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation which was extremely good when it came to lasting all day with good coverage but as my skin was getting better, the foundation was too cakey so I wanted something more lightweight but still providing good coverage that lasted. So this was when I decided to break my MAC virginity and take the plunge in ordering this foundation.

Can I just mention, I bought this foundation on the MAC website, now this is considerably brave when you think about the price it cost and never owning a MAC product in my life and so therefore didn’t even have the slightest clue at what shade I would be!

LUCKILY, there are websites out there that help with this! If you want to know the 2 websites I used to help pick my shade then let me know because these websites came to the conclusion I would be shade NC15 in this foundation after asking just a few questions about my skin and to my surprise THEY WERE WERE RIGHT! This is the perfect shade for my skin and my risk paid out which will probably never happen this well again. Not to mention there is a variety of shades to choose from.

The foundation itself is lightweight and creamy when applying. Now a few people have mentioned that it dries quickly and to move fast, this is not the case for me at all, I don’t know if that’s because I moisturise and prime right before applying foundation or whether it just depends on skin type. I also found that I had to wait for it to dry for a few minutes otherwise it was slghtly sticky to the touch – again other people have mentioned quite a bit that it was quite the opposite but not for me!

I loved the coverage on this foundation. If you read my previous post you would know I have acne/scarring and red areas – all of which were covered with a layer of this foundation without the need of a concealer. I build up the cover with 2 layers depending on how my skin is on a day to day basis but a majority of the time 1 layer does it!

I found as well that after applying this foundation and the rest of my make up I did not look cakey at all! Which was the look I was trying to get away from as mentioned previously. Good coverage with 1 layer of creamy foundation is exactly what I look for in a foundation!

There is also no smell to this foundation. I’ve read that some of the MAC foundations smell like paint, luckily this is not one of those foundations. I would say this foundation is best for combination skin, if you have very dry skin I don’t believe this would give you the dewy look you would be after and for really oily skin people I believe you’d get away with it but it may not last as long as you’d want. I have almost completely oily skin apart from my cheeks and it only starts to look too oily after 10 hours on a humid day. Also I found that close up sometimes this foundation may have had it’s flaws but on camera, no matter what my skin looked FLAWLESS!

I am aware this may have been too long winded but I never expected myself to have so much to say about it!

Overall, I would recommend this foundation to a majority of you as well as the Prep & Prime Fix+. For a photo of me with the finished look after using this foundation as my base, just let me know and I’ll post one below.

There is only 1 negative to this foundation for me which has been a regular issue with this foundation. As you are aware, I have acne prone skin and unfortunately this foundation did make my skin break out and in places that I would never usually break out either. I am yet to see if this was just the fact that my skin was getting to a new foundation or whether it was unrelated etc, however for me the positives definitely weighed out this negative and this is still going to be one of my favourite foundations!