My Handbag Essentials – Ft. Ted Baker


Afternoon my lovelies, today I wanted to share with you all my handbag essentials that I carry round with me on a day to dat basis. Half of these products I use on a daily basis and the other half or more emergency products/items but nevertheless they are still my handbag essentials.

I carry these items in the Ted Baker pouch in the photo inside my handbag. I use this pouch to make my handbag look more organised, as opposed to before where everything was just scattered at the bottom of my handbag lost for all eternity like some kind of Mary Poppins wander bag! This Ted Baker pouch came with my Ted Baker handbag which I’m sure I may show to you all at some point so I wouldn’t know if this pouch is purchasable by itself and if it is, how much it would be. So let’s begin!

  1. Hair Grips – this is a standard in many girls handbags I’m sure! I’m surprised I’m organised enough to have them still on the packaging rather than scattered about my bag. I actually put the hair grips back on the packaging as well when I’m not using them so I don’t risk losing as many as I normally would. I keep these in my handbag because for work I wear a bun and more often than not my hair tries escaping from my bun so these come in useful when I need to tidy up!
  2. Elemis Jasmine and Rose hand and nail cream – This is my holy grail hand cream. Smells absolutely gorgeous and your hands aren’t all sticky after applying them, they’re soft and moisturised. Now that it’s coming towards the colder seasons the hands are getting more and more dry so I’m already using this almost every day.
  3. Mineral Magic Pressed Powder – This is a powder that I use to touch up if I need to in the middle of the day depending on how my make up is looking. I keep this powder in my bag because it’s not the type of powder leaving you with a cakey look meaning it’s perfect for touch ups and you never know when you’re going to need to touch up!
  4. Nail clippers – For when I break a nail at work is when I usually need these. It’s rare that I do but they come in so handy at removing a half broken nail before it becomes any more damaged.
  5. Nail file – this kind of goes with the nail clippers. Sometimes when you break a nail, it becomes jagged and scratchy so a nail file is perfect to smooth the nail out on the go.
  6. EOS Lip balm – This is my go to lip balm, I’ve previously written a blog post on this already, absolutely love it! Again, with the colder seasons chapped lips are starting to show themselves so this I’m also using almost every single day.
  7. Tablets – I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking at the photo and saying to yourself ‘there’s no tablets in that photo!?’. Well actually, the little coin purse that you can see is actually carrying a variety of tablets that I have cut up in their packs. These are for emergency’s, aches, pains, stomach issues etc. The worst thing I can think of is going out and falling ill or getting a headache! Pulls the fun out of everything! So for this reason I always carry tablets around with me so I can try and get rid of any problems I have asap rather than waiting to get home and being in more pain as well as having your day ruined! These are the biggest MUST in my handbag essentials!
  8. Kleenex Blotting Papers – These are amazing! I have very oily skin and so sometimes I have to blot my skin to dab away the excess oils without needing to touch up to cover the oil. They’re amazing because you can use these to get rid of the excess oils and your make up is still intact! I struggle to find these in the shops nowadays, so I now order them online because I love them so much!

So that’s my day to day essentials that are a must in my handbag!

What are your handbag essentials? Do any of you use the same things as me? Let me know you’re thoughts!

Thanks for reading 🙂 x