Saving – How I do it?

Hi everybody, now as I’m writing this post I’m thinking that surely a majority of people reading this post will be thinking they need to be saving money too!

Well I’m going to tell you the one and only way that it works for me…


So this is my ‘piggy bank’ so to speak. I know everyone will be thinking, ‘well I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work’. All you need is self discipline and you can do it! Anyone can.

It says on the front ‘This money pot is for hopes and schemes, To help you save for all your dreams’

This piggy bank is one that you have to smash to be able to open, so you can’t be stealing money from it once you’ve put your money in. This is the only reason this works for me. This money soon builds up and once it’s full and you smash it open, you know you’re going to have quite a bit of money in there. Speaking of which I only put £1, £2 coins and notes in here to make it worth it!

This specific piggy bank claims that if you fill it to the brim with £2 coins then it should be holding roughy £1000! This piggy bank cost me £10, so fair enough, you’re technically losing £10 when you smash it, but at least you’ll have saved ALL of that money in the mean time. I’d rather save up £500 + than save £10 on not buying the piggy bank at all! There’s so many different designs you can get as well! I would recommend this to anyone trying to save but keeps divulging in their saved up coins, so savings keep going up and down.

How do you save? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading xx