Christian Louboutin Decollete 554 100 Patent Nude Review


So here it is, the beautiful Decollete 554 100mm in Patent Nude.

So this is actually my second pair of loubs and they are absolutely GORGEOUS!

I went for the nude colour as my other pair are black – nude and black go with pretty much any outfit, fact. No one can deny that surely? I went for a 100mm heel as I was thinking about being practical, they are easy to walk in (for me) and therefore will get more use out of them compared to a 120mm heel.

`You will see they are similar to the pigalle but with just a few differences which I will go through. I will be comparing them to the pigalle which are one of the standard most popular design:

  • The heel is thinner and more of a pencil heel than the pigalle, which you might say makes them a little harder to walk in but in my opinion makes them look a little sexier than the pigalle. When I tried these on at the same time as the pigalle there wasn’t much difference for me, but this is coming from someone that wears heels every day, so a little bit of a skinner heel doesn’t make s massive difference for me.


  • The fit of the shoe itself and the toe box is narrower. If you have wide feet, these are not the shoe for you. I have narrow feet and they fit perfect width wise. I struggle with non designer shoes as a majority are too wide for my feet, that’s how narrow my feet are. I’ve heard that the toe box stretches with wear, this is yet to happen to me on either of my loubs but maybe because I have narrow feet, there’s nothing making them stretch? Just food for thought.


  • The toe box is longer than that of the pigalle. This actually helps me as I have quite long toes (interesting fact? gross more like) and therefore it gives that little extra room for your toes to stretch a little. It is debated between people whether this makes a difference or not, I think it does in my experience.


I love love love these Decollete’s and I chose them over the Pigalle’s, because of the reasons above. That is not to say I would never buy the Pigalle’s though, they’re still a beautiful shoe.

I bought these from Selfridges in Manchester, where the service was great and would definitely recommend purchasing from there!

Thank you for reading my lovelies!


EOS Lip Balm – My thoughts?


This is going to be a small post, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this lip balm.

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm has always been a well known lip balm in places such as America, however they were never sold in stores in the UK for a long while. I have seen these on reviews and youtube videos and always been curious at what the hype was about as so many people had them.

I eventually but accidentally came across this lip balm whilst purchasing some items in topshop, it was on the counter with many flavours and I just couldn’t resist. At £6.99 I purchased this lip balm in the Pomegranate Raspberry flavour as it was the one that smelt the best to me.

I’ve been using this lip balm for almost 2 months now and I still can’t see signs of any use. The flavour is subtle on the lips, it moisturises the lips for a long amount of time as the consistency is thick but not sticky. It also doesn’t rub off as soon as your lips touch something or as soon as you have a drink like some lip balms do and it also makes a perfect lip base for lip sticks and lip glosses. I was surprised at the quality if I’m honest as I normally always find something wrong with a lip balm and get to annoyed to continue using them. However this is a great lip balm for the price and I can tell is going to last a very long time!

I would recommend this lip balm to anyone looking for a good lip balm. There are even sets online that you can purchase so you can get a selection of flavours so you don’t have to wait for it to come to a store near you like I did!